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Laser HTV 25cm x 25cm 


Product nameT-SHIRT Laser GARMENT VINYL HEAT PRESS TRANSFER FILM Plotter Cutter 1m x 50cm 
Applicable ScopeSuitable for most kinds of fabric materials, not restricted by the colors of printed material, covering strength is strong, it has a wide range of application, suitable for printing of sportswear, LOGO, single color pattern, garment accessories, etc. Also can be used for textile material, leather products, luggage products, paper, polyester oxford, non-woven fabrics, such as T-shirt, shirt, jeans, sportswear, pillow, car seat covers, headrest, window curtain, etc.
  • 0.4mm thickness, good in 3rd dimension
  • Uniform glitter powder, effect for shinning and sparkling
  • Pure in Hue and variety in colors
  • Resistance to rub, washable, powder will not be removed for machine washing, can be used for many kind of washing method, no crack for high or low temperature
  • UV and sunlight resistant, color not fading out
  • Adopts environmental material, without any harm to the skin
  • Can be overprinting transfered, to make more personalized and various patterns
  • Suitablefor plotter cutting or manual cutting, can be thermoprinted by heat press or iron(for iron, we recommend for small size patterns ONLY)
  • Different colors, very personalized products
  • Specially made for all heat press printing
  • Apply to textile material especially suitable for the heat press of clothing, LOGO, single color image
Size25cm x 25cm 
Substrates can
NOT be printed
  • Water-Proof cotton dress (surface has water-proof coating layer)
  • Diving clothing, PIZEX(Surface has water-proof coating layer)
  • Rain-proof products(can NOT resist 160-180c temperature)
  • Glass, ceramics, wooden and plastic products
Instructions for transfer

Make target design by computers. Switch on the cutting plotter and better try the pressure of tool in the first step: After cutting, the color layer as well as one layer of base paper can be easily removed at the same time.

The tool should just cut half thickness of the base paper

Set the speed according to the size of the design. For example, set the speed faster (at 50-75) for a large design, and at 25definitely for a small one. Pressure is about 150g.Lowerspeed cutting is very important

Peel off the unwanted color layer part when finish cutting.

The design on base paper should be complete without any deletion. If you peel the wanted parts ,you can press it back then continue.

Press by heat press, Set the temperature at 150c-175c(310F-350F) and the time at 10s -15s. The temperature & time is not absolute, You should adjust on actual status.

If press by home Iron. Set the temperature at 150?-175?(310F-350F).

Cool peel the base paper

Laser HTV 25cm x 25cm