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Model Ceramic Plate dish for Heat Press Transfer 8 inch
  • Smooth white surface,
  • Straight Sides
  • Specialy made for sublimation heat press printing
Size8 inches


Sublimation Blanks Ceramic Plate with  Sublimation Heat transfer Paper

1.Choose your print design from your computer

2. Print the design on  105gsm Premium Sublimation heat transfer paper by EPSON or Sawgrass sublimation ink printer , the suggest Temp and Time is 325℉ (160℃),80S.

Print design on 110gsm Mug Hard Stiff Sublimation heat transfer paper with sublimation ink, the suggest Temp and Time is 360℉ (180℃),80S

(Just for reference with MR.R heat press ,exact data base on the quality of customer's heat press )

you can find sublimation paper , ink and heat press machine in  online store

Sublimation Ceramic White Plate with Heat Press Machine

3.Cut the sublimation paper and wrap it on the pillow case, you can stick the paper with MR.R heat resistant tape.

4.Use  Plate heat press or combo heat press machine to transfer the image on the ceramic plate

Unique Decor Plate is Done

5.Got your pretty bright color personalized Plate.

you can add any images you want, really suitable as the customized gift for your friends,family or as company gifts

Blank Sublimation ink Ceramic Plate dish 8inc

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$3.00Sale Price