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Sublimation Car Sunshade

Material: Nylon Fabric

Size: 44*36cm

Temp&Time: 180℃,60S

Packing: 2 pcs fold together/poly-bag

Sublimation Printing Process:

1.Get photo from digital camera,memory card or scanner;

2.Print photo with sublimation paper and sublimation ink by inkjet printer,e.g Epson;

3.Stick the photo paper on white printing side by heat resistant tape;

4.Set temperature and time moderately on the heat press machine;

5.Use the heat press machine to transfer the image onto this sublimation product;

6.After transfer,tear off the photo paper;

7.Enjoy your personal designed sublimation product.

2 x Sublimation Car Sunshade 45cm x 36cm